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{June 30, 2008}   My first Carnival

I was chosen as an editors pick in dollar frugal’s blog this week. My article Words of Wisdom: Lending and Giving made the Carnival of 20 Something Finances this week!

Thanks Dollar Frugal!

My pick from the carnival for other childfree folks are:
Pearls of Wisdom for Graduates in mighty bargain hunter. Keep in mind the freedom and potential you have as a young person not yet tied down. As a childfree person I am less tied down than some of my childed friends, but I am married and own a house now, it kinda keeps me put. I wish I had been able to put money away when I was younger, or had travelled too.9 surefire stratagies not to retire early by nomad 4 ever is a great article for childfree folks. Take advantage of your freedom and save enough to retire early. Don’t step into these pitfalls that keep you working like a slave!

15 cheap romantic date ideas at financial learn. I am thinking of trying some of these with my husband soon, great dates on the cheap!

should you take financial help from your parents? from money under 30. I had help for a long time from my parents, but it has its disadvantages. Namely it meant they wanted control over what I did with all my finances because they were helping me. When you take money from mom and dad don’t forget that strings are attached. I am happily on my own now. And I look forward to the day when I can help my parents out with cash from time to time to pay them back–no strings attached!


cemeteryconsort says:

Beware the retirement pitfall of death. Make sure that when you retire, you have something of interest to do that will keep you going. Seriously, people who work hard all their lives, doing extra shifts to make more money, tent to have few hobbies and once they retire, they just slump and death soon follows. Keep moving!

Chris says:

Hi childfreelife, thanks for liking mentioning my article! I like the way how you packaged this site and believe as well, that everyone has a choice and should decide for oneself, on how to live ones life. Most of the time other people want to tell you anyway, what to do. Even though they can’t handle their own life. But hey – that’s just how it goes, right?

Anyway – all the best for your travels and plenty of success with your site!

Cheers from Bali,

Life is what you make it!

childfreelife says:

–Cemetery consort:
I have so many hobbies! This blog, painting, gaming, cats, reading, walking, volunteering and gardening. I can imagine that I will be pretty busy when I retire.

–Nommad 4 Ever
Thanks! I like seeing what others do with their unconventional lives! I added you to my blogroll because you are a childfree person that is positive and many of us could look up to!

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