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{July 7, 2009}   Job Search Mecca
constantly job searching - photo by Aaron Edwards

constantly job searching - photo by Aaron Edwards

So I have to provide company names and addresses for at least three job contacts (not temp agencies) per week to comply with unemployment. This has been incredibly difficult for me. It shouldn’t be so hard, my neighbor who is unemployed doesn’t have as much time to look as I do, he has to watch his six kids. No job, no daycare. I have quickly filled up my free time with volunteer work and internships as well as painting commissions to make a little cash. I thought that I had mad internet skills for job finding. Like many of my generation Craigslist is the go-to for job advertisements, and most are anonymous. I was checking the newspaper, monster, and craigslist, as well as my local unemployment listings and a local job website. I apply to a lot of anonymous listings, but they don’t count for Unemployment Audits. I usually find my three, but it was a struggle leading to sometimes applying to bad fits and getting reprimanded by the hiring attorney for wasting their time, “you don’t know Spanish, why did you waste my time”. I have my little tricks for finding contact info among the plethora of anonymous job advertisements:

* If there is an email address in the advertisement it is often something like If I try typing into my browser, sometimes I end up with a company webpage, with tada company name and address! One job contact out of three!
* Sometimes there is a PO Box or Fax number. I try going to google and putting the exact fax number in the search field. Sometimes it turns up a listing for a company and address. Bingo! Two contacts out of three.


* This third contact has been the bane of my existence, I usually find two in my field with addresses a week, and by Friday and Saturday I am scrambling. Well today I met with an Employment Specialist at our local Employment department, and she gave me some awesome tips! These two website are meta search engines: indeed and simplyhired. These little sites do all the hard work for you. They go to yahoo hot jobs and monster and career builder and big fortune 500 company career web pages and find you a gaggle of job opportunities. I found three more openings at some big insurance companies. Wow I am way over my minimum three a week.

Its hard for me to always bring my topics home to childfree lifestyle. But I get some of the most hits on my blog because of my Resume article, and so I thought I would add some more wisdom as I get it.


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