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{April 5, 2010}   Contrast

I have been working with a group of other artists to run a boudoir gallery. At one of the gallery openings, I made conversation with one of our members, the only one who has had children, though she is an empty nester. She mentioned how now that her children are raised and gone she has freedom to return to making art. I said, yeah kids get in the way of making art, that’s why I am not having any. She made one of those remarks, like, well you never know what might change, etc… And I said, no, I am not having kids, and I pointed to another female artist, the same age as the empty nester but childfree. I said, I want to be just like her when I grow up, a fabulous artist without any kids. It was amazing and shut up the empty nester on that topic, I hope for good.


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