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{April 29, 2009}   How to fill the time unemployed

Well, this is a common theme for me these days, and the main reason I don’t post very often. I am still unemployed. You would think since I have more time home I would post more often, but actually I don’t have as many topic ideas as when I am surrounded at work by other childfree and childed professionals.

However, I did realize, that while I am unemployed, and while my childed neighbor is unemployed, we are spending our time rather differently. He had to take his kids out of daycare. He still spends time doing things he likes: repairing computers, cooking healthy dinners, chatting with the neighbors. I hope he gets the best out of this time home with his kids.

Meantime, I am spending a lot of time reading, gardening, hiking, trying to make myself clean, writing poetry, and going back to school. I also spend time working out our food budget and collecting charity food baskets. I am really looking forward to the fresh produce from my garden that will supplement the cans and dry foods diet we are on right now. Of course, I spend time looking for jobs. I can sure tell you that when the job advertisement pages are as short as they are right now, it doesn’t take very much of my time.

My new adventure is to volunteer for non-profits in my field. I work in the legal field, and I am going to do an internship at a courthouse and volunteer for a environmental non-profit agency fighting to protect wild areas in my region. This will help keep my resume fresh and me busy and feeling good about myself.


Hey there, I just read your introduction and I just had to write. Your situation is much like mine. I’m no longer working consistantly, and it’s hell when your at home and you’ve got little to look forward to when you wake up. I’m glad that you can do it. I’m 30 now, and since high school, I’ve been laid off twice, all because of the economy going bad. I’m so glad that I’ve made the decision to remain childfree, as it has likely kept me from spending money that I don’t have. I also hope to meet more childfree females like myself. Take care! Leanne in Toronto Canada.

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