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{July 27, 2008}   Didn’t dodge that bullet

I was hoping my positive attitude would keep me from facing a situation where a parented person discriminated against me at work. However, it did happen. I have been pretty stressed about it, I stood up for myself and the management supported me.

Here is what happened. I asked for a long lunch next month to attend to a child I mentor. I was given this day and I told my supervisor about it. She became very frustrated, she felt that my long lunch was going to put her out. She also thought that charity work wasn’t a valuable way to spend my time. She wants me to be more mature and prioritize better. But the cincher was, that my taking a long lunch would somehow affect her amount of time with her family. She said that the only valid reason to miss work is for your own child, not someone elses.

I was devasted, I spoke to management, and they have been backing me up. I stood up to her and told her I saw no reason my charity work should have anything to do with her son or my maturity level and that she is in no position to judge those things.

It has been rough, and many folks wouldn’t be so lucky to have their human resources management backing me up. However, standing up for myself and refusing to fall into the parent trap at work means a lot to me.

Thank you for understanding.


cemeteryconsort says:

Wow, what bug got up her ass? Spending time mentoring a child, making arangements ahead of time to do this, that’s NOT mature?? So what, if you just blew off an hour of work because you were tired and didn’t get enought sleep because you biological child kept you up late, that would be mature? And charitable work isn’t worthwhile? Yeah, I’d say there is something else going on in this woman’s warped, selfish brain. Glad you have the backing of others.

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