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{July 15, 2008}   Happiness

Even after downsizing my living space multiple times, from a large Ranch House, to various smaller apartments, I was still able to keep space for things that are special to me. I have saved the best of my papers and art work from my childhood through my current college courses. I look through all these things once every three to six months and reflect on my life. I even have one journal, from bad years in my childhood, that I scrawled on “do not read, depressing.” I sometimes read it, it is depressing. I also save books that I like or have information I might use again in them.

I don’t scrap book, I file cabinet.

One of my coworkers is a mother, and I told her I had saved my papers from my first term of paralegal courses, and that when my professor had given an identical worksheet a year later, I was able to save myself time by reusing my work. She was aghast, she said, “You will stop saving all that stuff as you get older and have some kids, you won’t have room!”

Now, I do not know if this is true. Do parents have to get rid of the things from their childhood, and even college years that they are proud of or information they might find valuable again to make way for children?

I somehow found that sad. I am somewhat attached to the memories this file cabinet of special papers and artwork. Usually when someone tells me I will do such and such or believe such and such “when I am older” or “when I have children” I get angry. But this time, it just made me sad for a moment that she has had to trash all those memories to make space.

There is a Newsweek article making the rounds about how the childless are happier than parents. There are varying levels of reaction to this article and the subsequent TV newscasts. A lot of childfree people are getting angry at how pro-natal the reaction is.

I often get angry when people tell me I will understand what happiness is when I have children. But thanks to articles and studies like the Newsweek one I realize how much happiness I truly have to look forward to in my following years. Just as my boxes of memories remind me of past happiness–Happiness shall continue for a long life. A life that promises to be happy–even without children.


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