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{June 25, 2008}   Tell All Tuesday

I continue to struggle with getting a handle on everything. I know the balances of my bank accounts now. But I am still a little lost about one of my debts. My student loan is deferred right now because I am in school, and I want to start making interest payments, but I don’t have that all figured out yet. A goal for this week!

We pay our debts at the beginning of the month, so the interesting stuff won’t come for a week or two yet.

My husband and I have completely funded our planned expenses account. This covers my fall tuition, six months of car insurance, and our half yearly homeowners tax-all and all it is $1625. Those expenses come due in September and October, so that means we have two months to gather money for an emergency fund before we start funding round two of the planned expenses fund.

My husband had a huge jar he was saving all our spare change in for years and he sold some of his magic cards. All in all he had over $400 in spare change and made over $50 dollars selling his magic cards.  That went towards our planned savings to get us ahead.  And beginning of next month I will have refunded vacation and my tutoring paycheck to put into our emergency fund.

My husband just fixed my car yesterday.  We were down to one car, anyways, and then the battery light on my car kept flickering on and off.  He had it checked out and the alternator was bad.  I was gearing up to dig into our emergency fund before it was even made when my father remembered that last time we replaced it they had bought a life-time warranty on it.  My husband put the new one in and all it cost us was a sunburn!

I am enjoying my week off from school before the new term starts.  I have been painting a few pictures, one of a moon with a sleepy face, one in a Greek vase style of Demeter, and one is a long overdue present for a friend who reads this blog, so I won’t say what it is.


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