Childfreelife’s Weblog

{June 23, 2008}   Link Love

A semi-weekly round-up of articles I liked for child-free folks. More evidence that the childfree can use their reliability and great attendance at work to their advantage. Congrats on the promotion! I agree with childfreedom, I hate doing laundry and my household of three (one roommate and my husband) does about 4 loads a week, and we only do four loads because the guys have so few outfits they have to wash them midweek in tiny little loads. this article stunned me. And it felt very real. I had a hard childhood, and I am proud that my family and I have reconciled despite our difficulties. But anyone who wants a child because they want someone to love them back, take care of them when their old, and so on, don’t count on it!


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