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{June 17, 2008}   Tell All Tuesday

So, I have been offered a new job! And I am waiting for an offer from a second place next week. I am on fire!

That aside, as far as where things are for me right now, I am still not really savvy on my savings and debt reduction efforts. My husband has the passwords to the savings account. I am committing to fixing that this week, so that I can be more accountable.

Things that have come up this week, because I am leaving my job, all my vacation will be cashed out. Being childfree, means I don’t have to worry about cutting out a vacation. No little kid is going to be told, sorry no disney land, mommy took a new job. I like that freedom to change jobs, store vacation for a payout. That payout from not taking my vacation and then quitting means I will have a lump sum I can assign to savings or debt reduction or buying new clothes for my new job. All this needs to be taken into account.

Depending on what job I end up taking, there might be a change in income for the better or worse. The job I recently accepted will turn out to be a de facto pay cut because of the out of state income tax I will have to pay. However the one I am waiting on and will likely get and offer for will not have that issue and may end up to be a pay raise. Lets keep our fingers crossed. If I get a pay increase, I will need to focus on making sure that income is directed towards savings or debt reduction and not just absorbed into the regular budget.

My boss at my old job asked me to consider coming in on weekends to help with emergencies and special projects, I accepted his offer. Oftentimes these things never end up happening, I plan to actually follow up with him a week from my last day to tell him I am interested and then follow up a month later to keep it fresh. Likely he will never end up calling me in, but I can try to keep on his mind so that I can make some extra dough to help especially if I do not get the offer for the in state job, and I suffer that income tax induced pay cut. Again because I am childfree, my weekends are mine to use to work extra, or to totally veg out or to make fun and busy with entertainment or cleaning. I like the fact that I can assign all that time flexibly, childed people would have to find childcare to even spend a small part of their weekend on themselves or saddle their spouse with that responsibility to watch the kids.

Our car has been acting up, and I was actually afraid on the way to my meeting with my new employers today that it would die on the street. All my spare money is going into an emergency savings fund towards emergency replacement of my car. We are looking into getting the smallest car with the best possible gas mileage for our money. But more likely, I will just be taking the bus. I know you can take kids on the bus, but again this is an area where I have freedom, I actually feel sorry for parents with kids on the bus, when they cry and run amok it must be so embarrassing.

This week was bad because my husband forgot to file for unemployment. He can’t get it back, but he can resume it next week, so we are down over two hundred dollars from what I projected for the month. Thankfully we have been saving so well that it won’t hurt us too badly, and I have cracked down on spending for the rest of the month in an attempt to recoup what was lost. We are eating from canned foods and what we already have. I tried spam for the first time this week, it was actually okay, greasy, but tastes like bacon and hotdogs, both things I like. My husband is nearly as picky as a child when it comes to eating, but for the most part I can cook all sorts of weird foods and eat poor for a few weeks to find extra money, I would hate to make a kid eat some of the stuff I get by on when I am poor.

My husband is quitting smoking cigarettes that should save us $24. My friend gave me an old gift card she wasn’t using to Nordstrom so I used that to buy myself a new interview shirt (a semi planned expense). The gift certificate saved me $20 (the shirt I bought was $50, but I would have bought a cheaper shirt at target if it was from my money). If we cut our grocery spending down to the bare essentials for the rest of the month that saves us $60. I will take the bus as much as I can next week, that should save $20. So all together with what I have figured out we can recoup $124 of what was lost. And I am going to try hard to find other places to cut corners.

I commit to having a better handle on my ledger next week.



I would like to put a link to your site on my blog roll if you want to do the same for mine. It would be a good way to build up both of our readerships.

thank you.

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.

Tim Ramsey

BDO says:

Sounds like things are coming along at a good pace. Keep it up! God bless on the job situation!

childfreelife says:

Thanks for the support BDO!

childfreelife says:

Thanks Tim Ramsey, I know what it is like to lurk, I rarely have anything to say in response to other blogs, but I am struggling to think of things so I can get into the thick of things!

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