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{June 11, 2008}   Mastermind

Personal Finance Blogging and lifestyle blogging for that matter is a great way of setting up a Mastermind group somewhat informally. Mastermind groups were first described by Napoleon Hill in his book “Think And Grow Rich”.

The concept is to create a group that guides and motivates the members to improve. The group itself takes on a mind of its own from the contributions of its members. They all are bettered for their interaction.

The idea behind personal finance blogging is to encourage others, but even more you make yourself accountable to your readers. You know everytime you post that your friends and readers will be there with you on your journey to financial freedom and wealth.

A group like this is a risk. You could fail in front of everyone, or even just disappear and make them think you gave up. However, if you put your heart into it could be the best thing that ever happened to you. I am hoping it is the latter for me.

I put out there where I am with my debts, savings, and retirement and I plan to have this community created here on ChildFreeLife blog to encourage me to continue, to get ahead and build wealth and even more importantly a legacy.

Will you readers help be my Mastermind group?


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