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{June 10, 2008}   Tell All Tuesday

This is a feature I see weekly in <a href=””>I’ve paid twice for this already</a>. In which the author goes over her current financial state and what she is doing to change it. This is my first edition of this feature so I am going to go over all my debts. I do have some debt, not a lot of credit card debt, but because of some choices I made when I my husband (then boyfriend) and I bought a house, we have a home loan that is near as bad as a credit card. I put myself through college, I worked several part time jobs, I applied for grants, I won a few scholarships, and I covered a lot of it in student loans. I have maintained a small credit card debt of less than $2000 for about 8 years. I have recently nearly paid it off, thanks in part to the economic stimulus payment. I left a small amount on it so I could pay it off. Last time I paid a card off all at once, the card company never reported I paid it off and it sat on my record for years. My husband was laid off 3 months ago, so the slowness of these payments is really reflecting this.


$26 citibank credit card at 18.99%. I paid $21 on this yesterday, one dollar more than the minimum payment because paying more than the minimum payment increases my FICO credit rating.

$32,500.00 (approximate check when I get home) home loan at %8.99 paid minimum

$131,000.00 (approximate check when I get home) home loan at %6.65 paid minimum

$30,000 (approximate) deferred student loan %2.8 not paying on it because I am in school.

That is my debt, we also have a savings account for planned expenses, which we are ahead on, it will be good until September by the end of the month. However right now, no emergency fund or any retirement. I hope to change that very soon.

I am not so good at this adding everything up thing. I commit to doing better at this.


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