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{June 6, 2008}   I don’t miss much

I have had a few interviews lately, and something I should be bringing up, is that I don’t miss much work. I read the occasional childfree blog where the writer opines about how their childed coworkers miss a lot of work to care for sick children, and then get sick themselves. It seems unfair, the childfree person might end up picking up the slack of extra work, and they lose the sick days they rarely use. Lets put this in the positive, sure childed people might miss more work, but hey childfreebies might make it to work more often.

So say it. At your next review, interview, union meeting or coverletter writing session, say “I am reliable and rarely miss work.” When negotiating for personal days, ask that unused sick days be translated into vacation days at the end of each year. Sick days do benefit people who have unplanned absences often and they do not benefit those who rarely miss work. How is that fair? Propose to your boss or future boss that since you rarely miss work that unused sick days be turned into bonus vacation days or bonus checks. This positive change will make a childfreebie smile when his or her childed coworker misses another day, because he or she is reminded of what his orher unused sick day will turn into at the end of the year.


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