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{June 6, 2008}   Happy Hour or Happy Meals

At most restaurants the small meals, that are the perfect size for me, are reserved for the very young or the very old. The waiters say no when I request those menu items. And everything else on the menu is huge! Who wrote the rule that adults have to eat more than kids and seniors? There is however, great ways to get smaller meals for a lower price, Happy Hour and Happy Meals.

Happy Hour isn’t usually at the sort of establishment that has a kids meal, rather it is mostly at pubs. There is a stereotype that Happy Hour food is just nachos and greasy burgers, but that is not completely true, though some bars do have gross Happy Hour food. You would be surprised at what sort of great places to eat have happy hour menus. Of the chain establishments, I discovered that TGIFridays and Gustavs for example have tasty Happy Hour menus. And at smaller local pubs and taverns there are some really delicious Happy Hour menus. My brother and I like a place just a few blocks from his house, they have some good sandwiches and spaghetti dinners. They are smaller portions, and just right for me. Happy Hour usually requires you to buy a drink, but soda pops and juices are usually included in the choices, if you don’t like to drink. Some places with Happy Hour menus are really dive bars, but a lot of pubs and restaurants with bars in them have a comfortable atmospheres.

On a different note, some places that sell children’s meals do permit adults to buy them, fast food joints being an example. Many fast food joints are even including fruit and yogurt substitution options for their fries. If you still want a burger or chicken pieces but you want to make the meal more balanced, look out for mandarin oranges, apple sauce, salads, and apple slice sides instead of fries. If you don’t want a cheap piece of plastic along with your meal, you can ask the clerk to hold the toy.


April says:

I would also add that ordering a la carte can be a good way to go. Often times I do this when a full meal is simply too much. A single sandwich or a side of a single enchilada can be just perfect some times.

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