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{June 4, 2008}   Why

I read a lot of blogs. I read personal finance blogs, personal blogs, trade blogs, lifestyle blogs and fashion blogs. And when one of my favorite childfree lifestyle blogs closed down, purplewomen, I started to feel its vacuum. I enjoyed reading purplewomen and I liked the childfree focused advice and subject matter.

When I read blogs about lifestyle and personal finance that are focused on saving for your children’s education, leaving an estate plan for your decedents, cooking for four plus, and related subjects, I am interested in more, I wonder what those same issues look like for a childfree single or partnership.

This blog is to explore these sorts of issues.

In the next few weeks I will explore what subjects will be most relevant to a childfree single or partnership. Most of us know why we are childfree, there are many reasons. I won’t need to convince anyone. Though the reasons someone is childfree may affect what benefit they take from my posts. And people who are not childfree might stumble upon this blog and question our choices.

Here are some possibilities 1) for personal reasons you do not want to be a parent; 2) for social or environmental issues you do not want to have children; 3) for health reasons you cannot have children and you have accepted that; or 4) having children is low on your priorities compared to other life choices. There are many reasons. Some reasons contribute to childfree people advocating, other reasons contribute to childfreeness being a personal choice with no social agenda.

My reasons are complex. I have a combination of the several above factors considered in my decision.


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