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{June 4, 2008}   Legacy

Many people live their life to leave a legacy. They plan to leave a legacy to the world, to the next generation, to an issue that matters to them. For some people legacy means their children. Childfree people have different ideas. Childfree people, however, do leave legacies.

This is important, and something to keep in mind anytime a childed person looks at you aghast when you say you aren’t having children. For some people their children are their entire goal in life. They mean to leave a legacy, and they might not see what other type of legacy there is to leave. Often when people ask these questions, rather then get into the pros and cons of having children, I remain focused on the goal, I say something along the lines of “My art is my baby”. Think of all the ways you could fill in this blank: “My ____ is my baby.” I think the answer will come quickly to most of you. You can relate to the childed person because probably somethings in their life do pull them away from their children and take up significant amounts of time. They might dedicate time to their religious organization, to their career, to creating art, to writing too.

As a side note: although I do have a cat, and she is my baby, I would warn against saying your pets are your baby in this instance, we are trying to sink in the idea of goal and legacy with this statement. We are reiterating the value and legacy a childfree person creates. As much as I adore my cat, I am realistic, she will die before me, she will not add to the world in a significant way. She–as amazing and as beautiful as she is–is not a legacy. Also, this answer might baffle some childed people, because they have pets and children. And their children are just so much more meaningful to them than their pets. You want to show that you devote your life to something meaningful.

Some meaningful fill in the blanks for “My ___ is my baby” that a childfree person might use are: “Writing”, “Charity work”, “Career”, “Little Sister”, “My small business”, and “Green Impact”.

Determining your legacy is also important to your lifestyle, to planning your finances and to budgeting your time. A person with a legacy in mind makes choices with conviction. They are someone to look up to and admire, childed or childfree.

Think about the additional impact a childfree person can make on the world right now. They aren’t waiting for their children to grow up and make a future impact that will represent their years of work. A childfree person is able to devote their time and income directly to the causes they want to affect, now.


Lupa says:

One area where a companion animal may leave a legacy is being a therapy animal. The effects of a good therapy animal can leave lasting impressions on the lives they touch. While dogs are the most common, other critters have been therapy animals as well, in hospitals, nursing homes, and other places. But I agree otherwise that the average housepet won’t leave a long-lasting legacy in the same sense a longer-lived, more active being might.

Thanks for starting this blog 🙂

childfreelife says:

You are so right! Seeing eye dogs, taking pets to see folks at the hospital or nursing home, and working with other companion animals is such a great legacy and focus for a persons life!

Your welcome, I was hoping you and Taylor might like the blog since you are a childfree couple making an incredible legacy.

Mirrim says:

Well along that vain, if a person has devotied themselves to a breed of animal (improved breeding, resuew work, or adovicasy) that could be a legacy. There are many breeds of domestic farm animals for instance that are in danger of dieing out, for example.

My big problem is figuring out what my legacy is, *laughs* beyond starting my commune I mean (because that is really more of a group legacy anyway).

childfreelife says:

Yes, there are lots of things one can do with pets and animals that are a legacy. I was just thinking of those people who dress their dogs in pink dresses and carry them around like a baby when I meant saying your pet is your baby is not as strong as describing a legacy. Do you raise animals?

I think the work your commune will do could be a legacy. Keep following along with the blog, I will try to write more about figuring out what to do with ones self.

You are a childfreebie too, right?

It was good seeing ya around at the college.

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